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Numerical Jacobian matrix calculation method with matlab code

In this post, I share a numerical Jacobian matrix calculation method with matlab code.

Actually there is a function in Matlab inherently, but it is very complex. ( look at the function, NumJac ), So I made a very simple version. I wish this can help you.

You can download from here.

The attachment file includes 

1. NumJacob.m : main file it generates jacobian matrix. 

2. Demo.m : demo file

3. test_func.m : test function to show its demo


The below is a simple example.

>> NumJacob(@cos,1)

ans =



>> x0=[0;1]; other_param=[1;2];
>> df=NumJacob(@test_func,x0,other_param)

df =

1.0000 0
0 2.0000



Because the code is very easy, probably you can easily understand the codes.

Then, good luck ^^

if you have any question, please leave me a comment below.


Added on Feb 07. 2014

I am uploading another demo file to give a solution of Mahmudul’s request (for detail, see the comment).

This demo file is to get a numerical Jacobian for the below function

y1′ = y2*y3; y1(0) = 0
y2′ = -y1*y3; y2(0) = 1
y3′ = -0.51*y1*y3; y3(0) =1

Download this demo file. 


Added on Mar/21 2015

If you are interested in calculating numerical Jocobian matrix for a complex number, please read this post.




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