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Control engineer’s one-year observation of my baby

As a control engineer, I see different features from my one year old baby, Chloe. When she was first born, she did not have a model for her biomechanical system, and the controller in her brain was immature. Nonetheless, her finger did not vibrate or diverge. The kinematics of her finger is same with that of a three-link pendulum, commonly referred to describe a chaotic dynamic system. She had never tried to make it stable, no, actually she disturbed the system. But, her biomechanical systems were amazingly stable. For the last one year, her control ability has been dramatically improved. Now she can walk and interact with highly uncertain dynamic objects like another baby. It is an extremely difficult control task. Furthermore, in someday, she would be able to drive a car and to manage (control) a business. She has a great system, modeling ability, and controller, three essential elements for control. As a control engineer, I cannot help being surprised and admiring.


Feb 11, 2014