Luenberger observer for linear system control

This article explains the design of Luenberger observer for linear system control. If you are interested in the design of nonlinear system observer, read the next article. Observer in control systems is very important because we cannot directly “observe” the system state. One very popular observer is Kalman Filter and another is this Luenberger observer. Kalman Filter is built based on Bayesian rule (probabilistic) so that it is robust for measurement error, but slow. In contrast, Luenberger observer is based on deterministic sense so that fast. Of course, robustness is very important but robust measurement algorithm makes the algorithm slow, and actually Luenberger observer can observe most of systems successfully. The below is the proof and the selection of gain values for Luenberger observer, If you are interested in nonlinear version of Luenberger observer, read here.

Luenberger_observer_1 Luenberger_observer_2



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