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Nice to see you! I am Youngmok Yun (also called Mok),

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I am a PhD student working with Prof. Ashish Deshpande in The Dept. of Mech. Eng., The Univ. of Texas at Austin. Also, I am a father of two daughters and the husband of my wife.

I am currently doing research on robotics and human neuromuscular system. I believe that robot systems can be improved based on the analysis of human neuromuscular systems, and the human neuromuscular system also can be more deeply studied or improved (or rehabilitated) based on the study of robot controls as well.

My main research project is “Design and Control of Exoskeleton for Hand Rehabilitation and Teleoperation” supported by NSF and NASA. Another side project is to develop a statistical-model-based controller that can control a nonlinear system. The controller is inspired from the control strategy of human hand.

Thank you for visiting my website, and enjoy.

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